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Stanford Online High School

Stanford Online High School (SOHS) is a highly-selective independent school within Stanford University offering courses for grades 7-12. Following a series of extracurricular pilot projects over the course of 2017, the first Astronomy Research Seminar is being offered for the first time for credit in January 2018. Although students are located all over the world, classes meet synchronously twice per week via webcam. Projects that make use of robotic telescopes are a good fit for this group, since in-person field trips to physical facilities are not feasible.

We currently have 21 students enrolled in the Astronomy Research Seminar for January – May, 2018. Most of the students had an introductory astronomy course at SOHS during Fall 2017. The Seminar is being taught by Kalée Tock and Chris Oparko, who are SOHS instructors. A few of the students are highly advanced in astronomy and may take on other research projects in addition to, or instead of, double star astrometry.

Contact Kalée for information at:

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