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Southern Utah University

In the fall of 2017, the Southern Utah University Double Star Research Team was comprised of four students and two professors. The students came from four different fields of study including science education, biology, aviation, and criminal justice. Southern Utah University has an incredible partnership with the Great Basin Observatory in Nevada. It is this partnership that allowed these students to observe the stars and conduct their research. The 2017 group chose to examine the triple star system WDS 20420+2452. The information gathered by the Great Basin Observatory and studied by students was not sufficient to make definitive conclusions. The group was able to make a weak assertion stating the primary star is actually not gravitationally related to other two stars. The assertion does imply a gravitational relationship between the B and C components of the system, however. Of course, more research is required to confirm this, but SUU students learned a great deal about scientific research and writing through the Double Star Research Program.

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