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About InStAR

InStAR incorporated in the State of Arizona in September 2017 as an educational organization.
InStAR is is a 501 (c)(3) | EIN: 82-3024614.

Through the InStAR mission, we will pursue the following goals: 


  • Conduct Research Seminars at two-year and four-year colleges and universities.

  • Publish the results from Research Seminar in appropriate disciplinary journals.

  • Train teachers and professors so they can adopt the InStAR approach at their home institution.

  • Train citizen scientists to conduct and publish astronomical research in select fields.

  • Assist in training the next generation of scientists and researchers.

  • Promote effective teamwork and management in group projects.

  • Promote effective student writing and presentation skills. 

InStAR goals will be achieved by pursuing the following objectives:

  • Offer and conduct Research Seminars in double star astrometryexoplanet photometry, and solar astronomy.

  • Offer a variety of online courses directly through InStAR including different topical versions of the Seminar, as well as complementary courses in observational astronomy, astronomical instrumentation, and solar physics.

  • Serve as a central meeting place and coordination site to promote interaction, discussion, trouble-shooting, and brainstorming as it relates to Seminar teams, the conduct of research and writing publications, and working as teams.

  • Offer online resources that include textbooks, software, and introductory information about the topics of research supported by the Seminar.


InStAR will achieve its goals and objectives through the establishment and expansion of a national network of schools, colleges, universities, research institutes, educators, professors, scientists, observatories, technical staff, and interested individuals. 

InStAR receives partial support and funding from National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant 1610350: Student Research Within Communities of Practice. InStAR thanks NSF, faculty, educators, the Collins Educational Foundation (CEF), and the Boyce Research Initiatives and Educational Foundation (BRIEF) for their support of students, student research, the educational process, and the promotion of scientific research. 

Origin and Early Years of the Astronomy Research Seminar

Download the History of the ARS Here

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