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Paradise Valley Community College

PVCC is pleased to partner with InStAR to offer an Astronomy Research Seminar for the very first time in the second eight weeks of the Spring 2018 semester.


In PVCC's Astronomy Research Seminar, students will form research groups to observe a binary star system and write up their observations for publication in the Journal of Double Star Observations. Students will learn about the process of conducting and presenting original research. Students will be organized into research groups based on their schedules. Research groups will meet a minimum of twice per week. Attendance at the PVCC Mancini Science Symposium on May 10, 2018, is also required. All students interested in STEM are encouraged to consider taking this course. No previous astronomy knowledge is required. OER materials are required for this course and textbook information will be provided by the instructor.


Special Topics in Astronomy (AST294) 3 Credits - Spring 2018 - Class# 37166 - 03/19/2018- 05/04/2018: Conceptual, experimental, and computational aspects of a special topic in astronomy.


Note: AST294 may be repeated for credit. Prerequisites: Permission of Department or Division.

Instructor: J. Weitz 


Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC) was established in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1985 and is ranked in the top 10% of all community colleges in the nation due to its high standards and academic rigor that will successfully prepare students for the future. The PVCC Union Hills campus, located on Union Hills and 32nd Street, houses state-of-the-art facilities that serve more than 12,500 students per year and is one of ten colleges in the Maricopa County Community College District. We've recently added a second site, PVCC at Black Mountain, located on 60th street and Carefree Highway. 

Above, the new 14-inch Cassegrain telescope and dome at the PVCC Black Mountain campus. At right, PVCC instructor Jennifer Weitz.

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