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Portland XII Alt-Az Workshop

August 9-11, 2019 • Portland, Oregon

 The 12th annual Portland Alt-Az Workshop will be held Saturday August 10 and Sunday August 11 at Dan Gray's TMS plant. An informal BBQ on Friday evening, August 9 will also be held at TMS. 


BBQ’s will also be available for Saturday lunch and dinner. 


The Alt-Az Workshop has brought together advanced amateurs, professional telescope makers and astronomers in a unique and informal collaboration with the goal of adapting technologies currently used in the world’s largest telescopes for low cost, high performance 1.0 to 2.0-meter amateur telescopes. 


We’ve had several notable successes, including Dan Gray’s Direct Drive controller and the continuing accomplishments of Mel Bartels and David Davis in slumping, grinding, polishing, and figuring sub f/3 large aperture meniscus mirrors. Lisa Brodhacker’s ongoing work on spin cast epoxy mirrors is also continuing to show promise. We’ll have an update on the exciting method of spray silvering astronomical mirrors as well as a treatment that greatly increases the life span of these inexpensive but high-performance silver coatings. 


The Alt-Az Workshop is held in the TMS workshop area, so the setting is casual. There will be plenty of opportunities to directly contribute to the agenda, or conversationally in small groups. 


There’s no registration fee for the Workshop, although we do ask for a $5 donation for each BBQ meal you have. 

Howard Banich is chairing the workshop and Dan Gray is the local host. If you plan on attending, or want to contribute a talk, please contact Howard at hbanich at gmail dot com. 


Directions to Workshop

To get to the Technical Marine Service, Inc. (TMS) on Swan Island: 

6040 N Cutter Cir #302, Portland, OR  97217 •  (503) 285-8947 

  • From I-5 northbound (or southbound also) take exit 303 (Swan Island exit) and head west after you get off the freeway. From the northbound direction, this means staying to your left and heading west on North Going Street. 

  • Follow this past Interstate Avenue and go down the hill towards Swan Island. 

  • Get in the right-hand lane and at the bottom of the hill follow the signs to Mocks Landing and veer to the right onto Basin Avenue. 

  • Go about 1.5 miles to the signal light at Leverman and turn right and go over the bridge to the first street on the right, which is N. Cutter Circle. 

  • Turn right on North Cutter Circle and go to the end of the block to 6040 North Cutter Circle. 

  • TMS is in the first building as you turn in the driveway – look for the big "TMS" sign 


Accommodations near Sidereal Technology: 

Shilo Inn Rose Garden 

1506 NE 2nd Avenue – 866-430-2692 

Portland OR 97232 


Monticello MotelStation 4

801 North Interstate Avenue - 503-285-6641 Portland, OR 97217-3623


Super Value Inn 5205

North Interstate Avenue – 503-285-2556 Portland, OR 97217-3726 

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