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The Astronomy Research Seminar is founded on the premise that community college and university students, although not seasoned astronomers and professionals, have ability to conduct and publish scientific research -- and to publish that research as team members in journals and conferences proceedings. The Seminar has traditionally fostered this process through speckle interferometry of binary stars with the goal of better constraining their orbits and determining if they are intrinsic, physical binary stars or simply optical binary pairs. Currently, the Seminar is positioning itself to expand its activities both geographically and topically. Efforts are underway to expand the Seminar beyond California and Hawaii, while InStAR and Seminar collaborators are working to broaden the astronomy research that students can conduct, which will eventually include asteroid astrometry and photometry, times-series photometry of eclipsing binaries and other variable stars, and exoplanet photometry. 

What follows below is a list of the more than 100 published papers that have directly resulted from Seminar courses and workshops. This is a testament to the goals and purpose of the Seminar and the list of publications will undoubtedly grow into the future. Publications are categorized by journal and, within each journal, the papers are listed chronologically with the most recent publications listed first. This list will be populated and expanded in the coming days with a projected completion date of current publications to all be listed December 1, 2017. 

Journal of Double Star Observations (JDSO)

Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society (BAAS)

Society of Astronomical Sciences (SAS)

Small Telescopes and Astronomical Research (STAR)

Journal of Astronomical Instrumentation (JAI)

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